Evie Keough, Founder & CEO of Boromi

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Why did you decide to start Boromi?

As a teacher who has had the pleasure of working in a number of classrooms over the years, from rural Dumfriesshire to Central London, Boromi is an idea that very much grew out of my own experience of working directly with families with young children.

Of course, I am incredibly passionate about what happens during the first few years and fundamentally believe that improving opportunities before the age of 5 is critical to improving future life outcomes.  

In the early years, a child's parents and their home environment are the single largest influence upon their development, however I became aware very early on in my career that parents were struggling to provide the support their child needed at home and by working with parents I identified a number of barriers and challenges they were facing on a daily basis, for example:

  • Lack of time due to employment
  • Limited resources at home
  • Not being sure what to do or how to do it
  • Lack of confidence
  • Or simply, not being aware that what they do at home was so important

And so, this is when Boromi was born. An idea grown out of the classroom, but focused on the home.

How has Boromi grown over time?

I first began packaging up “kits” for my parents to borrow and take home. After seeing the response from families and teachers for this, I decided to raise £400 to create my first set of eight “Borrowing Boxes”, and found two schools in Streatham, South London, who trialled it for free over a term.

The feedback from this trial was overwhelmingly positive, and it was suggested that I have a go at entering the idea into the 2017 Teach First Innovation Award: a national educational competition for ideas with big potential to help tackle educational inequality.

I was absolutely blown away when my idea – now called Boromi! – got through to the finals, let alone won. Up until then, Boromi was very much a part time passion, something I was just doing on the side whilst teaching, because I could see it was having an impact on local families. Everything changed when I won the Innovation Award.

What's next?

The support and recognition Boromi has received over the past 12 months has been absolutely incredible. Boromi has been able to grow from an idea, into an established social enterprise, already working with a number of schools across the Midlands and London, and – most importantly – making a real difference to a large number of families.

It’s always incredibly busy at Boromi H.Q. and we have an exciting year ahead. We are always looking for anyone who would like to be involved, whether you are a teacher or a school leader who is interested in signing up or whether you’re keen to join us at H.Q, roll your sleeves up and get stuck in assembling our wonderful boxes. ...There are many more families who still need our help, and we have big plans to grow. 

You can reach us anytime at ‘hello@boromi.co.uk’ or you can chat to me directly by emailing ‘evie@boromi.co.uk’. 

I cannot believe how far Boromi has come. I feel truly lucky to be able to work
full time on launching, growing and sharing our wonderful programme that is - and will - continue to make a difference to families across the country.