We want every child to grow up in a home environment that positively supports their early development, and we do this by helping families to enjoy more learning focused play and talk together at home.


At Boromi HQ, we believe that every home is full of learning adventures just waiting to be discovered… But we also know that life can get pretty busy sometimes and finding time to play can be tricky.  

Whether you’re short on time, stuck for ideas or in need of some resources, Boromi is here to help.

What is Boromi?

In a nutshell Boromi is a low-cost, termly subscription box service for schools and nurseries that provides a library of free 'Boromi boxes' for families to borrow, take home and explore together. Yay!

A lot of thought goes into each of our carefully designed boxes, to make sure that every box taken home includes all the resources, ideas, tips and modelling needed to enjoy that special moment together, even if for just a few minutes.

We’ve kept things pretty simple, but the simple ideas are always the best.

We’ve never had anything like this from school before. It’s so different. Lots of fun! Gave us so many new ideas that we hadn’t thought of before.
— Parent, Northamptonshire